Where fairy tales go to drink it off. 
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The first of a three-record career retrospective project, Vol. 1 features previously recorded Matthew Grimm and Hangdogs songs recorded in stripped-down minimalist re-arrangements, almost entirely with acoustic instruments. 

A tasty combination of new songs by Matthew and some of the best songs every written by the best songwriters alive and dead, including Billy Bragg, Woody Guthrie, Mark Knopfler, Townes Van Zandt and Steven Van Zandt (no relation). Click here for the lyrics page for Songs In the Key of Your Face.

". . . an amalgam of Sixties' radio pop, blistering punk and heartland/populist rock anthems . . . Agree with him or not, Matthew Grimm lays it all out there with passion, humor and conviction — and this is one seriously powerful rock 'n' roll record." — Iowa City Press-Citizen

"Ex-Hangdogs frontman Grimm’s second album with this fiery, Social Distortion-esque Iowa highway rock band is what the Dead Kennedys might have sounded like, had they survived Tipper Gore’s assault and traded in the surf music for Americana." — LucidCulture
"Like the venerable yarn spinners who share his last name, Matthew Grimm utilizes common, everyday situations to bolster the effectiveness of his personal tales of terror and injustice in a world that’s already become horrific enough to no longer need fairy tales. The erstwhile Hangdogs front man focuses on social inequality, political subterfuge and general apathy as his main antagonists, while Joe and Jane Sixpack, their kids, and the few teachers, cops and politicos left who might harbor a modicum of decency stand as weary, bloodied protagonists . . . There’s no cutting corners here, no namby-pamby sparing of PC feelings, no slack for the lords of injustice and the purveyors of hatred, intolerance and greed." — Pulse of the Twin Cities

Once upon a time, some guys got together in New York to play some songs and have some fun. They swore a lot. They made some good records, but people differ on which those were. These days, you can sample the songs and buy whatever ones you like. Matthew sang and wrote some of them.