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"Small government" praxis in the age of ascendant sociopaths yields the exact catastrophe incumbent in "small government"

Posted by on March 17, 2020 at 7:30 PM

Grand declaratives like the headline of this must-read Atlantic story, "The Trump Presidency Is Over" (which you can see here:, can come off as wishful thinking, but - in a world where I am occasionally unfortunate enough to see you social-media-arguing with MAGA friends who would stridently insist 2 is actually 3 if their Dipshit Messiah said 2 is definitely 3 - it's worth reading this with emphasis on the fact the author is a Republican.

Avarice, spite, servility, religious and racial bigotry, weaponized hatred, willful ignorance, missionary stupidity - we have seen the absolute worst angels of our nature ascend to become THE kinetic components of the state. Nothing about community or inclusion or even basic problem-solving. Just gutting and eviscerating basic instruments of good governance - like ones that address, y'know, contagions - and hurting people because of where and how they were born.

That anyone, however "well-meaning," thought this would work out well, much less still clings white-knuckled to it as society is ravaged by the incumbent incompetence aggregated in all those things, speaks to their deficiencies as human beings. Which would be one thing, as we are all flawed. But the fact that they willed their sociopathy and beshitted worldview into being the hallmark and national shame of America has assured that quite literal millions of people are going to suffer and die for no good reason. They are complicit in manslaughter on a grand economy-of-scale and, absent the self-awareness required to examine one's own behavior, they still don't, and will likely never, give a shit.

Get your absentee ballots. The ripples of this programmatic-fuckery-catalyzed cataclysm will last for years, but we need to address this particular symptom of it right goddamn now in numbers so vast your malice-driven bigot friends feel the urgent need to shut the fuck up for a while.

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