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"Go back . . ."

Posted by on July 17, 2019 at 12:05 AM

Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia, came here at age 10 and grew up in Minneapolis. Ayanna Pressley was born in Cincinnati. Rashida Tlaib was born in Detroit. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in New York. They won enough votes from their neighbors to represent them in the US Congress, but the fact that none of these places is Dogpatch, TN, Dogpatch, IA, Dogpatch, TX, or Dogpatch, FL, and the fact that they are people of color with consciences and a predilection for solving problems instead of shooting bullets into them, would make them alien Other worthy of camps or deportation to a grand majority of conservative Americans, who never met a shitty bigoted inclination they wouldn't invite over for coffee after church.

I would posit The Squad, as they are becoming known colloquially, are measurably better people than the people who want to deport them because they're not fucking fascists, they exhibit the actual human empathy we are all born with and they actually give a shit that utter goddamn horrors are happening in their country.

When I was growing up, any time, any fucking time, you heard someone say "Go back to Africa" — as, to be clear, the President of the United States just did to sitting, elected lawmakers of the United States — you recoiled, hair stood up on your fucking spine, because the person saying it was an obvious piece of shit villain on tv or in a movie. Now it's just every fucking day in America, coming from the top office, and a bunch of white people I used to know would actually argue whether or not the kinetic fucking racist who is the president said it racistly or not, because that's how virtuous they are. They're so virtuous they would go to a goddamn lynching and see a guy hanging from a tree and a mob of gawping racist yokels all around him and still say, "Maybe the guy had it coming."

This happening as ICE raids go down all over the country, a pointless and malicious Redneck Krystallnacht cheerled by those same people, some of whom went to church today, the place they've gone to their entire lives and absolutely fucking let you know they did and never, somehow, bothered to read Matthew 25:31-46, or just thought it was up for selective interpretation, y'know, for when you didn't feel like not being the most garbagey bigot imaginable.

Shame on this country.

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