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MAGA Uber Alles

Posted by on March 30, 2019 at 4:40 AM

In the past when I've said evangelical churches are Nazi recruiting centers, it should be clear I was in no way being hyperbolic. Conservative American Christian organizations, along with the standard rogues gallery of "freedom-loving" American capitalists (Kochs, Mercers, probably Blue Bunny fucking ice cream), are" target="_blank">bankrolling a now concerted neofascist movement across Europe. They conceal their donors and TRY to conceal their recipients, so this is nowhere near as comprehensive a study as it could be, but anyone who knows anything about the revanchist right wing in the US knows this is par for the course.

This is sponsorship of people selling violence and austerity and will lead to mass murder in Jesus's name, again. This should be illegal and prosecuted vigorously from both sides of the pipeline, but it's not. It's not because those "good guys" you've been conditioned to think would win the day and keep the scales of justice balanced largely now work for people who consider it impolitic to recognize dogwhistles like "traditional values" and "cultural integrity" as mustering tunes for new Crusades and to recognize evangelicals, their boring, rigid, medieval, beshitted ideology and the overtly fash allies who share it as the foremost threat to civilization that they are.

Democratic Party contenders, for every office, who want to formulate a distinct foreign policy imperative need to address this, specifically, in their standard talk of healing the wounds recently gashed into the Western alliance. You want to show you're a leader, recognize and sound the clarion call that antifascism is the fight of our lifetime, at home and abroad, and these fucking pinstriped, pious vermin on our own shores are the enemy's biggest engine.

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