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VE Day 2019

Posted by on May 21, 2019 at 4:20 AM

It's VE Day. American Nazis this weekend marched in Arkansas at a Holocaust-remembrance event chanting "Six million more!" In DC, a Republican administration riddled with white nationalists and its legislative allies are working to assure the executive is not subject to oversight or laws, thus rendering the Constitution of the United States effectively inert.

In Georgia, theocratic legislators who have worked tirelessly to take the vote away from black people have also made a law that women should get life in prison for having an abortion. Republicans passed a similar bill in Ohio. Florida Republicans have twisted a broad referendum returning voting rights to convicted felons and turned it into a poll tax for poor people. Republicans in Texas have made driving someone to polling places to vote illegal. In Iowa, the Republican-controlled statehouse is working on legislation to unperson people who don't live up to their criteria of what a person is.

On the heels of yet another white right-wing MAGA advocate shooting up yet another temple and burning another mosque, still another mass-shooting just happened in a school full of children specifically because America is incapable of applying any remote commonsensical means of regulating gun sales because Republican legislators everywhere take vast graft payments from a gun industry lobby, which also happens to be a white-supremacist organization that routinely calls for race-war as a marketing program to sell more guns. Brown children, many of them ripped from their parents and stripped of personhood, remain in American concentration camps in a policy designed explicitly to punish people for being refugees, an idea sold by its proponents by painting those kids and their parents as a subhuman, diseased alien Other.

It's VE Day, so here's this again.

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