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LOST HISTORY - Ep 2 - Mesopotamia

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AKKADIAN: Sir, what city lies yonder?

GUY: Ur.

AKKADIAN: If you don't know just say

GUY: I said

AKKADIAN: Don't be a dick

GUY: Ur face is a dick

LOST HISTORY 1 - Ep 1 - Reagan

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PICTISH REAGAN: Mr. Hadrian, tear down this wall!


ROMAN GUY [on wall]: Not until you admit neoclassical economics is shit, you blue twat!

Probably Should Stock Up on Mead

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When holiday leftovers are gone, I roast another turkey just for me, not just to have MORE leftovers but also so I can eat it like a Viking.

The 15-minute Trilogy

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I guess the lesson of Star Wars I-III is that, if The Force actually worked, you would've Jedi-strangled that fucking kid when you met him.

This Is the Best Joke I Will Ever Write That like Five People Get

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If I lived under one of those Shakespearean kings, I would be one of the guys plotting to kill him ALL the time, because, dude, shut up for like two seconds.


I <3 Crushing Allemani

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I celebrate Valentinian's Day, so while all you suckers are buying chocolate fruit and plush things in hats and dinner or whatever, I spend the holiday secretly trying to enlist the Burgundians in a joint attack on any proximate Germans.


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You'd think if British superspies were such hot shit they would've killed Gandhi a lot sooner.

DAG! (get it? ha.)

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Aw, man, all those dudes stabbed the shit out of Caesar. Didn't see that coming.