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WORST ALAMO EVER - compiled liveblogging of the Vanilla ISIS Saga

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Dumbass militia. The blueprint says the whole thing is supposed to kick off in a beerhall.

American Nazis can't just go camping. They have to make a BIG DEAL out of it.

"Patriot" is like that girl in HS who was superhot but now it's 20 years of meth & 4 shit marriages to racist twats later. You can have it.


If you ever go to a bird sanctuary and there are Nazis, keep calm & remember it's about the birds. Tyrannical miscegenated birds.

Look, if you wanna cosplay The Turner Diaries & make an omelet, you gotta shoot members of the mongrel races, ZOG and/or eggs.


Saw an Iowa patriot guy raging on a friend's feed about how nannystate libs & "animalistic" ethnic groups would get ours when the proper man's man cosplay revolution comes. Ummm, isn't that revolution supposed to be starting NOW-ish? Is another one scheduled? Get off facebook, strap on your dicks and go storm the DMV for Jesus, you big pussies.

JAN 6 

I know, I know, I joke now, but if #VanillaISIS corpses wind up littering that giftshop I'll probably feel bad, like people did on VE Day, then fucked each other stupid.

JAN 8 
[Reports that "besieged" "freedom-loving" "protesters" can come and go as they please between Malheur Wildlife Refuge and Burns, OR, unimpeded by law enforcement]

STATE COP: D'you guys order pizza?



PATRIOT: Spot us 20 bucks, jackbooted thug!

JAN 9 

PATRIOT: Society is communism!

STATE COP: Safeway is just left on Main.

PATRIOT: K, thanks. Statist oppressor!

JAN 10

PATRIOT: The state empowers looters to plunder the alphas!

COP: The Funyuns you begged people for online are here.

JAN 11

PATRIOT: We're going to Denny's!

SHERIFF: Enjoy that public road.


JAN 12


PATRIOT: Hey, did the post office get our stuff?

SHERIFF: USPS is a federal agency. Therefore they don't exist.

P: You dick!

. . . 

SHERIFF: Postal union says you wouldn't want stuff from an unnatural construct of mob coercion anyway.

PATRIOT: Not funny!

Ayn Rand or Nazi Propaganda Film, episode 1

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It's time to play America's new favorite party game, AynRand Character or Nazi Propaganda Film:


"I am convinced that from amongst the workforce thathelped me to create these works, the man will come forth who has a calling tofurther my endeavors, be he from the furnace or from the desk, the laboratoryor the work lathe. I wish to teach him only that which a parting man mayteacher one who is newly arrived. He who is born to lead needs no other teacherthan his own genius."