Where fairy tales go to drink it off. 
Oh and also Matthew Grimm's online thing.

Here are some things about me

I live in Madison, Wisconsin. 

I am at my most ambitious a guerrilla in a revolution of common sense that began when monkeymen first figured out they each could kill a deer and live another week or they could all surround a mastodon and live through the winter. I spent my early years in Iowa and my early adulthood in Brooklyn, New York. I made a living for a while as a business journalist. I won an ASBPE Silver award once for my regular work for American Demographics in the early 2000s. I am not even kidding about this. 

I started doing music in NY with The Hangdogs. After a hard slog through starter clubs and some weird choices, we made some pretty good music. I try to use the word "vagina" a lot because, it turns out, the worst people in the world don't like it when you do. I think it is fantastic that we as a society get our moralistic lectures on how-things-work from people thumping books written by people who had yet to invent pants and no clue where the big thing in the sky went at night.

If you would like to book me to play a show, or your house, or your wedding, or perform your wedding, I'm pretty reclusive anymore but I'll make exceptions for good people. No MAGA chuds. And, yes, I discriminate against Nazis. If you're one of those, fuck you. Anyway, if you're not one of those and you want to do the other, zip me an email to start off. I can be reached via grimm reality 1 @ gmail. Just take out all the spaces and slap on .com and it will come right to my computer via technology!